Friday, February 1, 2013

Adventures in Broiling.

We’ve been on a salmon kick at my house lately. In my quest to learn how to cook the perfect piece of salmon, I ran across this article on perfectly cooked salmon that suggests broiling is the way to go. I had never broiled anything but I thought I would give it a try. Should be easy right?
Well maybe not so easy. I got a bit overzealous and I put a bit too much seasoning on the salmon, and while the salmon was perfectly cooked, the seasonings on top ended up burned. And my whole kitchen smelled smoky. In fact, when I opened the oven door, a ton of smoke came rolling out. Oops. Although the salmon was not photo-worthy, once the charred bits were removed the salmon still tasted pretty good and I loved the crispiness on the edges.
But I don’t give up easily. So I stopped at the grocery store on my way home last night and picked up some more salmon. And again, I did not deliver perfectly cooked salmon. First, I accidentally put my oven rack in the wrong spot so the salmon wasn’t close enough to the top of the oven. That resulted in the salmon not being cooked sufficiently.  When I placed it back into the oven to finish cooking, the olive oil starting popping like crazy and then something started smoking, even worse than the first time. But in the end, the salmon tasted fine although it didn’t have the crispiness that I enjoyed the first time around.
I’m beginning to wonder if broiling is for me. But maybe I will give it one more try.

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