Thursday, March 7, 2013

Adventures in Broiling.

After many attempts, I finally successfully broiled a piece of salmon! Woohoo! 
Broiling really is pretty great. You can just pop the salmon under the broiler and within a few minutes you have perfectly cooked fish. Through my trial and error, I learned that I prefer to have my salmon cut into the desired serving size before broiling, rather than broiling a larger piece. This cuts down on the cooking time and adds to the crispiness of each piece of salmon. I’m a huge fan of the crispiness I can get on the edges of the salmon when it’s broiled. I have also learned to brush a small amount of oil onto the fish rather than just drizzling some on. Too much oil so close to the burner in the oven equals a hot, popping mess.
The cooking time for the salmon will vary depending on these size and thickness. These pieces of salmon were pretty thick, so I broiled them for 10 minutes. When the salmon is done, the salmon should look opaque and it should flake easily.
While I may have finally broiled a great piece of salmon, I still find broiling to be a bit challenging. First, broiling makes my house smell smoky. This is likely to be user error and, so far, the smokiness has improved with each time I’ve broiled salmon. And second, this is less of a challenge with broiling and more of a need for better planning on my part, if I am planning to broil salmon, I need to plan the side dishes accordingly. I have one oven so choosing to make sides like roasted brussels sprouts with broiled salmon means that I have to take the brussels sprouts out of the oven before the broiling. That means that I either have to put the brussels sprouts back in the oven after the salmon is broiled or we have lukewarm brussels sprouts. I like sides that i I can just pop into the oven while I get everything else ready. So hopefully I will remember this the next time I broil.


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