Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Cupcake Toppers for a Blue Baby Shower.

For the blue baby shower I hosted for my dear friend, I decided to make cupcake toppers to decorate the cupcakes with. These were really easy to make. She had already chosen her baby boy’s name so I was able to incorporate his name into my toppers.
To make the cupcake toppers, I printed the letter “G” and the name “Garrett” in blue, size 48 font, leaving space in between the letters and words so that there would be room for the circles. Then I used a scalloped edge 1 ½ inch round punch and punched out all of the letters and names. Next, I used a 2 inch round punch and punched out the background circles in blue cardstock. Then I attached the small circles to the blue cardstock. I used a non-toxic glue stick. Once those were dry, I attached the lollipop stick to the circle. I used regular non-toxic school glue for this. The tricky party is being sure that the stick is lined up correctly with the letter/name on the circle so the letter/name would be straight when it went into the cupcake.
I decided to make my cupcake toppers two sided since my dessert table was set up so that people could walk around the table and I didn’t want the backside of the cupcakes to be undecorated. To do this, I simply punched out double the letters, names and blue circles. Once the first circle had been attached to the stick and the glue dried, I simply turned it over and added the second circle.
Then I pushed them into the center of the cupcakes for an adorable and personalized decoration!

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