Friday, February 17, 2012

Valentine’s Day party.

My son’s class is having their Valentine’s Day party this afternoon. Last week, my son’s teacher gave me all the details of the party. She started the conversation by saying that since the children didn’t know when Valentine’s Day was that they were opting to have to party on Friday. She then told me that there was a sign-up sheet for refreshments (we are bringing veggies) and that each child needed to bring a valentine box to hold all his valentines and that they wanted the children to pass out valentines to each other. I was a bit surprised by all this considering that the children are just barely over a year old. But I love a party and anything that gives me an excuse to do crafts.
I’ll admit that at first, I struggled with what kind of valentine box to make for Slade. I didn’t want anything pink or covered in hearts for a boy. So I spent some time googling “valentine boxes for boys.” Eventually, I stumbled upon this Sandwich Box Monster. Very cute, yet very boy. And it seemed easy enough. After a quick to trip to Michael’s on my lunch break, I was ready to make Slade’s valentine box. I decided to use an empty tissue box instead of the sandwich box beccause I just happened to have one on hand. I also opted to use some googly eyes instead of using the egg carton (the eggs I buy come in a plastic carton). I found some blue ball things at Michael’s (I’m really not sure what the correct name for them is) that I used for the spots on the monster. Overall, I’m pleased with how it turned out.

For the valentines, I looked at the selection in several stores and didn’t find any that I liked or felt were appropriate for toddlers. So again, I started googling and found some really cute, free, printable dinosaur valentines from HP. I was able to print just the amount I needed, wrote each child’s name on them and my husband cut them out. So easy!

I’m not a fan of giving candy or really any sugar to children (to my knowledge, Slade’s never had anything sweeter than an animal cracker, other than fruit) so I opted to give each child a package of applesauce. Slade loves these little pouches and they are great for a snack on the go. To attach the valentine to the applesauce, my husband punched a hole in the top of each valentine with a hole punch and then using some white curling ribbon leftover from Christmas, he tied each valentine to the applesauce.
I found this shirt on Carter's website and couldn’t resist. I thought it would be the perfect Valentine’s party shirt.

And with that, we are ready for the party this afternoon!

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