Friday, January 11, 2013

A Birthday Balloon Wreath.

My little man just celebrated his 2nd birthday! We decided to have a Sesame Street themed birthday party and I wanted something festive to hang on the front door for his party. After a little googling, I came across this balloon wreath tutorial. I thought a balloon wreath would be perfect- it’s birthday themed and colorful but not Sesame Street specific which will allow me to use this more than once.
Here’s what you need:
A straw wreath (keep the plastic covering on)
Floral pins
And that’s it. To secure the balloons to the wreath, place the floral pin in the middle of the balloon and then push the pin into the wreath.
That’s all there is too it. Except that you have to do this over and over until the wreath is completely covered in balloons. I really wanted a full wreath so I ended up using approximately 3 bags of balloons (25 count) for each of the five colors (red, orange, yellow, blue and lime green).
I am really happy with how it turned out (although my thumb was a little sore when I finally finished)! I hope to make this birthday wreath a new tradition at our house.
The cute Slade’s Street sign came from Amanda’s Parties to Go on Etsy. Her stuff is so adorable!



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