Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter party.

Today is Slade’s Easter party at school. An egg hunt is planned followed by snacks. Each child was asked to bring 12 plastic eggs filled with candy (and taped shut). I have serious issues with giving candy to such young children so I opted to fill our eggs with animal crackers. Yes, I’m that mom.
I found some cute toddler friendly books in the $1 aisle at Target, so I got a book for each child in the class.
I wrapped each book in pastel colored tissue paper.
I wanted to make it Easter themed so I thought it would be cute if the “from” tag was an egg. I had limited time and knew I wouldn’t be able to make a trip to Michael’s so I had to make it work with what I could find at Target. As I looked through the crazy busy Easter section, I found some very cute paper plates with Easter eggs in the center.
I decided that I would cut the center egg out of the paper plate and use that for the “from” tag. The package had 12 plates and I needed 12 tags. Perfect!
I think they turned out very cute!
I also wanted to do something for each of his teachers. I got each teacher a box of chocolates that was shaped like a bunny. But I realized after I got home (and Slade was in bed) that I forgot to include them in my count for tags and I was out the egg plates. Luckily, I had some polka dot plates leftover from a baby shower I hosted last summer. I traced an egg shape onto the back and cut it out.
Aren't they cute? I used a different color bow on each one- light blue, pink and yellow.
I also used one of the polka dot eggs as a tag for Slade’s Easter basket. I used a hole punch to punch out two holes and tied it on with white ribbon.
I’m looking forward to the party this afternoon and hoping that he’ll like hunting eggs!

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