Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Crock Pot Baked Sweet Potatoes.

Fall is finally here. The leaves are turning beautiful colors and the weather is cooler. Sweet potatoes are starting to make their appearance in the front of the produce section at the grocery store and are so incredibly inexpensive. My Grandma J loved sweet potatoes, especially this time of year, as she found it very difficult to pass up a good deal on anything, which is why I once ended up with 100 cans of soup that she practically got for free. Seriously.
So back to the sweet potatoes. She always baked her sweet potatoes and, I’m not sure what she did to them, but they were so delicious. Once I was in college and then law school, she would call me to let me know when she was making them so I could be sure to stop by for dinner. The funny thing about having a meal at her house was that she didn’t really consider what foods should go together. So for instance, you might have a baked sweet potato, spaghetti with a tomato meat sauce, chicken strips, pinto beans and corn bread for dinner. Just whatever sounded good to her that day or whatever was on sale.
This time of year, I always feel the need to have baked sweet potatoes and since the crock pot is my new best friend, I decided to give baked sweet potatoes a try in the crock pot. The result- success!
Crock Pot Baked Sweet Potatoes.
4-5 sweet potatoes (roughly the same size)
Wrap each potato in foil and place in crock pot. Cook on low for 8 hours. Serve with butter.

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