Friday, July 13, 2012

A dash of lime green.

I love for walls (and ceilings) to have color. When we moved into our house, most of the walls were a very light gray. I had a lot of the rooms painted before we actually moved in but I needed more time to decide what to do with the play room so we left those walls gray.
The play room is right off of the living room, with a door on each side of the fire place leading into the room. The breakfast area also opens up into the play room, although we have added a child gate to help keep the room a bit more contained. The location of this room in our house makes it an ideal place for a playroom because I can see and/or hear what he’s doing from several rooms in the house. But this also means that I had to be careful what color I chose for the room because it could be seen from the main parts of the house.
 I really wanted the room to be lime green. But my husband was opposed to the idea because he didn’t want to see lime green from the living room or kitchen. The compromise- one wall, the wall that is shared with living room that can only really be seen from the breakfast area, would lime green and we would leave the other three walls light gray. So when the painter came to paint the new patio doors, I also had him paint the wall lime green.

It looks amazing! When I took Slade into the newly painted room for the first time he pointed to the wall and said “green, Mommy, green!” I am so happy with it and I really would like to have the other three walls painted the same color. I doubt I will ever convince my husband though. So I’m thinking that I may eventually have the other three walls painted a much lighter shade of green that would correspond with the lime green accent wall. But even with just the one wall painted I am so happy with it.
I’m still working on the wall d├ęcor in this room. I found this sign and thought it would look great on the lime green walls. Plus, we love to sing this song, especially in the mornings.

I also hung a painting that Slade did for his school’s annual art auction fundraiser.


  1. I love this color you chose can you tell me what its called?

  2. Thank you! It's Electric Lime from Sherwin Williams.