Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bachelor Finale: A dinner of choices.

I love the Bachelor.
As in the tv show. I started watching the Bachelor with my friend Amanda a few years ago (Jason’s season) and I’ve been hooked ever since! I love the exotic locations, amazing dates and all the drama, of course. Last night was the finale of the Ben’s season of the Bachelor and even though I’m not Ben’s biggest fan I was excited to watch.
Really what I love is a reason to turn an ordinary evening into a special event. And by special event I mean, celebrate by having a not so typical weeknight meal, wine and dessert. And since my friend Amanda has moved away, my poor husband is forced to suffer through these kind of events with me. He does protest, but at least he gets to eat good food.
Last night, we had a special Bachelor themed meal. I thought it would be fun to include choices in the meal since Ben was “choosing his future wife.” For dinner, we had a choice of grilled chicken or steak, gorgonzola smashed potatoes, choice of sugar snap peas or roasted broccoli, and a roll.
Bachelor themed dinner.
The picture does not show sugar snap peas because the picture is of my plate and I’m not a fan. Sugar snap peas are one of my husband’s favorites so they all ended up on his plate, which I failed to photograph. I would also like to note that I did not actually eat all of the food on my plate!
Heath Bar Cake.
For dessert, we had a heath bar cake. This cake is fantastic. Like I could eat the whole thing, fantastic. (Check back later this week for the recipe.) So how is the cake tied to the Bachelor theme you might be wondering? Well to many this cake goes by a different name because some think it’s better than ….. Personally, I prefer to call it the heath bar cake.  It’s a more socially acceptable name for a cake, especially a cake I like to share with others. But maybe I’m a stick in the mud. Either way, when I was thinking of what dessert to make, this one instantly came to mind.
Our evening was a success! Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for Ben and Courtney’s relationship. Now to start counting down the weeks until the new season of the Bachelorette begins!

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